Standard woods:
$10 Little wooden club
$12 Bangle (wire loop on top/knob)
$14 Single earring
$27 Pair of earrings
$13 Bauble (wire loop at both ends)
$13 Zipper pull*
$13 Mobile phone charm/flash/bling*
$13 Lapel pin

* These items are available only in purpleheart and maple.

Matched sets (other than earring pairs):
Multiply the number of units in the set by the cost of one unit, and add $2.

IJA member? Subtract 10% from your total purchase amount!

In Minnesota? Add 6.5% state sales tax.

Postage and handling: $2 per order in North America, or $4 to elsewhere.

Coming soon: a wide variety of fancier woods!